A Deaf And Dumb Girl's Dream


I had a dream on the 26th of January. I was going for rolls, and going

back I met Gracie, a friend of mine, and she and I spoke quite well--we

were not deaf and dumb. A poor boy, very ragged, carried a basket with

some coloured glasses and stones, very bright, and some curious musical

instruments that I had never seen before. He walked behind us, and he

called to Gracie, and she turn
d to him, and he said to her that he

wanted her to buy many of them; that they were a penny each. We took

them up and looked at them, and they were very curious. She chose a

bright red one for a brooch, and bought it for a penny. Then he said to

me "Will you buy some?" But I did not want to be tempted to buy, and he

told me a great deal about its very beautiful sounds; that it was more

beautiful than all the others, and nothing could be more beautiful to

hear in this world, and he showed me how to play on it, and we heard

beautiful sounds. So I changed my mind, and wanted it very much, because

I could hear it. Then I saw a policeman come up to us because he heard

the beautiful music; and he laughed very much, and looked so very happy.

I said to the poor boy, "Thank you very much for your showing me how to

play on it." And he was very glad as he went away. Gracie went home, and

I went home, carrying my glass organ with me.

The above appears to us specially interesting; it is a curious

circumstance that a deaf and dumb girl should seem to hear sound in her