William De Courcy

This boy was educated at a Deaf and Dumb School. He was fond of

learning, and soon had many companions. One of the delights of his life

was visiting the farmyard which was attached to the Institution. William

had been taught to be kind to dumb animals. He watched the little birds

with much interest, and liked to feed them. There was one bird which

came daily to be fed which he used to call his own. He was eager for

gious instruction, and soon knew God made him, and that Jesus was

his best friend, and that sin was displeasing to God. He loved Jesus

much, and often signed about Him to his school fellows. After William

had been at school for some years he was taken seriously ill, and he was

asked if he were afraid to die? His reply was, "No, I know that God sent

His Son to save me." Shortly before he died his school mates signed to

him that Jesus was kind. William smiled, and then signed in answer,

"Yes, Jesus is kind," and shortly after fell asleep, his happy spirit

took its flight to that world where there are no deaf and dumb.