The Unwelcome Tap

Isabella Green was a young woman who was completely blind and deaf, and

she was brought before a number of eminent surgeons to see if anything

could be done for her. Her sad condition had been produced by violent

pain in the head. The only method of communicating with her was by

tapping her hand, which signified no, and squeezing it, which signified

yes. The surgeons concluded that her case was incurable, and in reply to

> her earnest inquiries she received the unwelcome tap. She immediately

burst into tears, in all the bitterness of anguish. "What!" said she,

"shall I never see the light of day, or hear a human voice? Must I

remain shut up in darkness and silence as long as I live?" A friend who

was present took up a Bible and placed it to her breast. She put her

hands on it, and asked "Is this the Bible?" Her hand was squeezed in

reply. She immediately clasped it in her hands, and held it to her

bosom, and exclaimed, "This is the only comfort I have left. I shall

never be able to look upon its blessed pages, but I can think of the

promises I have learned from it." And she then began to repeat some of

the promises--"Cast thy burden upon the Lord, and He will sustain thee;"

"Call upon me in the day of trouble, and I will deliver thee;" "My grace

is sufficient for thee," &c. She dried her tears, and became peacefully

submissive to the will of God.