The Bachelor Of Science

A fact without precedent has just happened at the Sorbonne. A young deaf

mute, M. Dusuzeau, underwent recently with success the examinations for

the degree of "Bachelor of Science." This distinguished pupil has

answered by writing all the questions which have been put to him. This

success, unexpected a few years ago, greatly honours the Imperial

Institution in Paris, and is due to the high standard which its learned

director, M. Vaisse, maintains in the studies, and to the devotedness of

the censor, M. Valade Reoni, head master of the instruction, and who has

been the affectionate master of M. Dusuzeau.

M. Dusuzeau was married on the third of March last, at the church of St.

Germain, l'Auxerrois, Paris, to Miss Matilda Freeman, daughter of James

B. Freeman, Esq., of Philadelphia, in the presence of a distinguished

circle of friends. Miss Freeman stayed in England some months in 1882,

and is therefore well known to many of our deaf and dumb friends.