The Coming Mayoralty

The state coach for the Lord Mayor elect will be furnished by Mr. J.

Offord, of Wells Street and Brook Street, who has also supplied the

chariot for Mr. Sheriff Johnson. The coach for the new Lord Mayor is

quite in harmony with modern ideas and taste. The side windows, instead

of being rounded off in the corners as formerly, are cut nearly square,

to follow the outlines of the body. This novelty renders the body of the

carriage much lighter than usual, and more elegant in appearance.

Another 'innovation' is the painting. It has hitherto been usual to

paint the under part of the carriage white or drab, relieved by the same

colour as the body, but in the present case the whole vehicle has been

painted a dark green, the family colour of the Lord Mayor elect,

relieved by large lines of gold upon the body, and gold and red upon the

under carriage. The natural elegance of this arrangement of colouring is

heightened by the beautiful heraldic paintings of the City arms and

those of the Fishmongers' and Spectacle Makers' Companies, of which Mr.

Alderman Lusk is a member. These have been executed by Mr. D. T. Baker,

the celebrated deaf and dumb artist.--The Times, 1883.