A Brave Defender

After reaching our encampment (at Jenin in Palestine) our dragoman told

us that the people of the village were so quarrelsome and thievish that

it was never safe to stop a night there without an extra guard, and he

had engaged the brother of the sheik of the village to occupy this

responsible post. This man was a great, tall, athletic-looking fellow,

but a deaf mute. While we were taking our dinner he came into our tent,

> brandishing a revolver. He expressed to us by signs how safely we might

lie down and rest, because he (brave fellow as he was) by the aid of

that revolver would protect us from all harm. Directly after our

waiter--Dominicho--came in and informed us that the guard had borrowed

this revolver from our dragoman, Ali Solomon, but that he stood in

mortal dread of the weapon he had flourished before us so heroically;

that he refused to touch it till all the charges were withdrawn from it.

With such a champion for our defender what cause could there be for

fear?--In Bible Lands.