A Deaf And Dumb Man On The Bible

The following remarks on the Bible were written by a deaf and dumb young

man 26 years of age:--"The Bible is more valuable than all other books

in the world. It is divided into two parts, the one called the Old

Testament and the other the New Testament. The former was written by

inspired men, directed by the Spirit of God; the latter contains the

news of the Gospel, written by the witnessing disciples while Christ was

n the earth. The Bible informs us of the guilt of sin, of the

punishment of the wicked, of the Saviour who died to save men from

dangerous destruction, of the way of forgiveness by Christ, of the

condescension of Him, of the mercy and love of Him, and of the happiness

which Christ has promised to His disciples.

The Bible teaches us how to do good to others, how to help them in

distress, how to avoid temptation, how to love and obey God, how to pray

to God to keep us out of dangerous things, and pray to God for our

parents, for their children, and for our other friends.

The Bible is a very precious gift from heaven, and contains many

precious truths, therefore we should reverence it.