A Deaf Mute's Heroism

About five o'clock on Sunday afternoon several gentlemen standing on

Vine Street Wharf witnessed an act which was highly commendable. Thomas

Hall, a lad of nine years, having strayed from his parents, was at play

upon the wharf mentioned, when his foot slipped and he was precipitated

into the strong tide of the Delaware. A deaf mute named Argus Cornish,

an eccentric genius, who does odd jobs along the wharves, and who, an

outcast himself, seems to take pleasurable pride in protecting others,

and has already saved several lives, although standing with his back to

the scene of accident, seemed, as his name implied, to have a hundred

eyes. Without any hesitation he stripped off his coat and shoes, and

plunging into the water, in a short time brought the boy safe to land.

Argus' heroism should not be overlooked.--American Paper.