A Deaf And Dumb Boy And His Brother

Brownlow Harrison, a bright little boy who had spent a few years in the

school for the deaf and dumb, was watching with great earnestness for

his father, who was to fetch him home for the summer vacation.

Brownlow had made unusual progress during the last half-year; this he

himself knew, and made him intensely anxious that his younger brother,

who was also deaf and dumb, should be admitted as a pupil in the

Institution. Brownlow himself at once wrote to the Committee as

follows:--"When I was at home I was ignorant, and I don't know about

God; but I am now taught about religion, and it is wonderful; I will be

taught before I leave school. My dear brother cannot read, and he cannot

understand; I wish he will come to school, for he don't know about God

and angels, and all things good or bad. I am afraid he will grow wicked

if he is not taught. I will feel thankful to the gentlemen to send my

deaf brother to school."