A Happy Death Bed

Not long ago there died in the county Wexford, in Ireland, a deaf and

dumb shoemaker named Henry Plunkett. He had for many years been a true

and sincere christian, and therefore when he came to die he was not

afraid, but rejoiced at the thought of meeting his Saviour. During the

last few hours of his life on earth he suffered much pain; but he was

quite sensible, and made signs that if the house was piled up with gold

e would not take it all and live, for, he said, pointing his hand

upwards, "I wish to go up." To the woman who attended him he signed, "Do

not fret, not never; I am going to Jesus." "The contrast between the

white face--white as marble--and the long jet black hair and beard is

striking," wrote the clergyman who sent this account, shortly after his

death. But beautiful as he looked in death, he looks far more beautiful

in heaven, where he now is, clothed in the white robe of Christ's

righteousness, which he has provided for all who truly love and serve