A Young Genius

(From the Journal of the Society of Arts, May 1, 1874.)

Another artist who has made his mark on the ware by the originality of

his forms is Frank A. Butler. He is quite deaf and almost dumb. He is

one of many thus heavily afflicted who have passed through the school.

He began his artistic life as a designer of stained glass, but his

invention was not needed, nor, I dare say, discovered in the practice of

an art which is almost traditional. I introduced him to the new work,

and in a few months he brought out many new thoughts from the silent

seclusion of his mind. A bold originality of treatment, and the gift of

invention, are characteristic of his work. He has struck out many new

paths. A certain massing together of floral forms, and ingenious

treatment of discs, dots, and interlacing lines indicate his hand.