Deaf And Dumb Lady's Idea Of Music

A lady who graduated from the Institution at New York some years ago,

was questioned as to the capacity of the deaf to enjoy music; she wrote:

"I think all deaf persons have an idea more or less vague of musical

sounds. It comes to all who cannot hear through the sense of touch. The

vibrations of the chords of a piano, when strongly played, are

sufficient to produce real enjoyment by means of feeling to one who can

touch the case merely. The soft, tremulous notes, even convey an

impression through the nerves, similar, I fancy, to that which others

obtain through the ear. But the real music for us comes through the eye.

The rippling of waves, the tremulous vibration of leaf and blossom and

twig, all these sights make for us a harmony perhaps as perfect as the

most finished orchestra."