In St. Modwen's Churchyard at Burton-upon-Trent, Staffordshire, the

following inscription has been copied from the tombstone of a deaf and

dumb man:--

This Stone

Was raised by Subscription

To the Memory of


An eccentric and much-respected deaf and dumb man,

Better k
own by the name of


Who departed this life Feb. 25th, 1837,

Aged 57 years.

"What man can pause, and charge the senseless dust

With fraud, or subtlety, or aught unjust?

How few can conscientiously declare

Their acts have been as honourably fair?

No gilded bait, no heart ensnaring meed,

Could bribe poor Stokes to one dishonest deed:

Firm in attachment, to his friends most true--

Though deaf and dumb he was excell'd by few.

Go ye, by nature formed, without defect,

And copy Tom, and gain as much respect."