Great Swimming Feats

1. Fourteen miles down the river with the rapid ebb tide, from the

middle buoys opposite the Tay ferries to far buoy at the mouth of the

river Tay, in 5-1/2 hours (1859.)

2. Across the Frith of Clyde from Carrought, Ayrshire, to Ailsa Rock; 8

miles in 3 hours, through strong currents.

3. Across the Frith of Forth, from Buckhaven, in Fifeshire, to North

Berwick; 18 miles in 7 hours (1862.)

4. Across the Bay of Leece, from the Mull of Galloway Lighthouse to

Barrowhead; 10 miles in 4 hours.

5. Across the mouth of Loch Ryan, from Ronmach, in Ayrshire, to Kirkcolm

Point in Gallowayshire; 4 miles in 2 hours.

6. From John O'Groat's House to Stoma; 8 miles in 2-1/2 hours, through

dangerous currents (1873.)

7. Across the strong-currented river to Cardell Point, on the east of

Cantyre, from Penrioch, on the coast of Arran; 11 miles in 3-1/2 hours


8. Across the Frith of Clyde from West Kilbride, in Ayrshire, to Grombe,

on the east coast of Arran, a distance of 12-1/2 miles in 4-1/2 hours


9. Across the Frith of the Clyde from Port Glasgow to Cardross; 9 miles

in 2-1/2 hours (1874.)

In all these instances he was followed by persons in boats.

We are informed that he has received presents for rescuing lives of the

value of L300, besides twenty suits of clothes, and has also won many

cups and other prizes in swimming and diving matches, and has also

received several gold and silver medals.

Alexander Ferguson has on several occasions been present at the services

for the adult deaf and dumb held at the Institution at Derby.