Ask A Blessing

A little boy was admitted as a pupil into the Institution for the Deaf

and Dumb at Derby. Previous to his admission he had given his parents

and friends a great deal of trouble, and fears were entertained that he

would be none the less troublesome to those in charge of him at the

Institution. Happily however, owing to the firmness and kindness of his

teachers, he very soon yielded to the rules and became a good, obedient

> boy. At length the time came for the vacation, and, amongst others, this

little fellow went home for his holiday. The dinner hour arrived, and

sitting down with his parents, he looked up at his father and put his

hands together. He wanted his father to ask a blessing. The father made

the boy understand he did not know what to say, then the poor little

fellow began to cry. At last he thought of a plan, he would ask the

blessing himself; and so he spelt on his fingers the blessing he had

learnt at the Institution, and got his friends to spell on their fingers

after him letter by letter and word by word, and thus overcame the

difficulty in which he was placed.