A Mate For Laura Bridgman

Hetty Hutson lives in the city of Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, a girl

seventeen years old, who has been deaf and dumb and blind from birth.

She is active in her nature, and has a remarkably intelligent mind.

Through the one medium of gestures, as perceived by the touch, she

understands wonderfully well, and in turn makes herself understood. She

will wipe dishes and put them away with scrupulous care and exactness;

o down the cellar alone at her mother's bidding and get apples;

then, running up with astonishing rapidity, will give them to anyone she

is bid, and put her own into her pocket. At a motion from her father she

will go upstairs and get his best hat, deciding by touching his

broadcloth suit which hat he wants. She knits and sews in a very

creditable style, and manifests a desire to learn to do other kinds of

work. She is neat and orderly in her habits, and ever acts in a ladylike

manner, while in disposition she is cheerful as a sunbeam, and as

playful as a kitten. For about one year, at irregular intervals, a young

minister of the name of J. B. Howell, devoted one hour each week to her

instruction, and she made some advancement, novel as his method was; but

in June last he went to Brazil as a missionary, since which time she has

been without instruction until recently. She is now receiving daily

instruction by means of the manual alphabet. It is, however, to be

regretted that her present teacher is an entire novice in the work she

has undertaken, but as she has large sympathy for her, and individual

experience as to the needs of her pupil, it seems safe to hope that she

may lay a substantial foundation, upon which some more accomplished

person may build an education which will make this greatly afflicted

being equal to Laura Bridgman, of world wide fame.