A Deaf And Dumb Man In The Revision Court

On Thursday afternoon a singular scene was witnessed during the

proceedings of the Revision Court, at Ashton-under-Lyne. A man named

James Booth, of 3, Dog Dungeon, Hurst polling district, was objected to

by the Conservatives, and Mr. Booth, their solicitor, announced that the

man was deaf and dumb, but just able to utter a monosyllable now and

then. Mr. Chorlton, the Liberal solicitor: What can I do (laughter)? Mr.

th first by writing asked what the man's name was, and then began to

talk to him with his fingers, but being an indifferent chirologist he

made very poor progress. He had merely elicited that the man was the

owner when Mr. Chorlton began to grow impatient, and inquired, Why

don't they both go to the Isle of Man for a week (laughter)? Nothing

more could be got out of the man except a "yes" or "no" after questions

had been patiently propounded by Mr. Booth in the dactyologic alphabet.

At length the Barrister spied a rent book, and this was pounced upon and

the vote allowed very joyfully, to save further trouble. The dumb man

then spake, stuttering, and with great effort, I claim my expenses. Mr.

Chorlton: He's got those words all right, at any rate (laughter.) Mr.

Booth: He can talk a little but hear nothing. Recourse was again had by

Mr. Booth to his digits, and he interpreted to the court that the man

was a hat body maker, and wanted 5s. 6d. The Barrister: I will allow 5s.

The money was handed to the man, and he went away smiling.--Newcastle