A Sad Case

T---- L---- lived near Derby. Hers was a sad case--deaf, dumb, and so

nearly blind that she had to be led about; moreover, she suffered from

extreme weakness in the legs, and was delicate on the chest. Her father

being dead, it was difficult for her to obtain the necessaries of life,

and it was thought the workhouse must be her future home. The case was

brought under the notice of the Committee of the Deaf and Dumb

itution at Derby, who decided not to let her go into the workhouse

without trying what could be done for her. Accordingly she came under

their care, and gradually became stronger; but the difficulties in the

way of her education, owing to her sight, were not easily overcome, in

fact she had to be taught as one perfectly deaf, dumb, and blind. She

however made good progress, and is now a good tempered, hard working

girl, actually earning her own living. She can wash and scour and knit

and sew quite as well as many persons blessed with the senses of sight

and hearing. She frequently attends the meetings for the adult deaf and

dumb, and always has something interesting to say, especially on

religious subjects.