A Cat Assisting A Deaf And Dumb Woman

The chill wind was moaning, the rain falling drearily, and day darkening

rapidly, when a lady might have been seen walking along quickly through

Eccles Street. She was thinking of home, with its bright warm fire, and

how soon she could get in out of the cold and wet.

Suddenly she stopped, as a feeble cry arrested her footsteps, and

looking round, she perceived a cat crouched against some steps. The

as beating on the poor harmless creature, and night coming on.

The lady did not turn away and hurry on, as some selfish people would

have done, but pitied and called the poor cat. It looked so forlorn, and

gave a frightened glance in her face. Gaining courage from what it saw

there, it trusted her, and jumped up, curled its tail over its back, and

trotted contentedly after her. The lady went on. When she looked back

now and then, there was pussy trotting steadily behind.

Presently the lady knocked at a hall door, and when it was opened they

passed into a bright room, and pussy sat down to dry before a warm fire,

where two other cats, sleek and well fed, kept her company. Well, our

puss, whose name was "Gipsy," very soon was lapping a saucer of warm

milk. After that she looked at the fire, and winked her eyes until she

fell asleep.

Sarah Darby, who is deaf and dumb, was at that time living in this

house. Pussy became very fond of Sarah, and liked to sit in her lap

because she was kind to it. Now Sarah did not think a cat could help

her, but she knew that God commands us to be kind to helpless creatures,

and He always rewards us when we obey Him.

You will wonder how a cat could help anyone, so I will tell you.

Sometimes Sarah was alone in the house, and when a knock came to the

hall door there was no one to tell her but puss, and puss did so. How?

She jumped down off Sarah's lap, and looked up in her face every time a

knock came, and after the door had been opened got on her lap again, and

waited for the next one. So this is how the cat helped the deaf and dumb