Dear Tammas

A poor old deaf man resided in Fife; he was visited by his minister

shortly after coming to his pulpit. The minister said he would often

call and see him; but time went on, and he did not visit him again until

two years after, when, happening to go through the street where the deaf

man was living, he saw his wife at the door, and could therefore do no

other than inquire for her husband. "Weel, Margaret, how is Tammas?"

"None the better o'you," was the curt reply. "How, how, Margaret,"

inquired the minister. "Oh, ye promised twa years syne tae ca' and pray

once a fortnight wi' him, and hae ne'er darkened the door sin' syne."

"Weel, weel, Margaret, don't be so short! I thought it was not so very

necessary to call and pray with Tammas, for he is so deaf ye ken he

canna hear me." "But, sir," said the woman, with a rising dignity of

manner, "the Lord's no deaf!" And it is to be supposed the minister felt

the power of her reproach.