Grace Annable

Grace Annable was deaf, dumb, and blind, and although her form and

features were well proportioned, she was a great sufferer from

constitutional weakness; yet her temper was mild and affectionate.

Strange to say, Grace was a capital nurse, and was much attached to

several very young children, some being mere babies; in order to

ascertain whether they were crying, she would pass her hand most

carefully over the mouth an
eyes, and soothe their little distresses

with all the care and success of a talkative nurse. Grace was fond of

fruit, and would beat the pears and apples from the trees, and could

select the best with as much judgment as if she had been possessed with

the sense of sight.

She frequently went in a field to gather wild flowers, to which she was

directed by the pleasantness of their odour. Her sense of smelling was

remarkably exquisite, and appeared to be an additional guide to her

fingers. Grace would feel and admire ornaments, etc., and would never

break or injure the most brittle things even in a strange room.

A gentleman once made several experiments with her in order to test for

himself her reported abilities, and expressed great surprise that one

thus afflicted should be able to accomplish so much. Grace has, after a

patient life, passed away into that land where deafness and dumbness is

for ever unknown.