Good Influence

A few years since an aged man, who had long been a sincere and devoted

christian, was placed in the same ward in the Infirmary of N----with a

deaf and dumb youth. The former received and enjoyed the visits of the

chaplain, whilst the latter was considered inaccessible to instruction.

An arrangement was at length made for the good old man to partake of the

sacrament of the Lord's Supper, when he made, as it appeared to the

/> chaplain and matron, the singular request that the young mute might

partake of it with him. A secret was then divulged which had been known

only to the two patients themselves. Having spent a long period of time

together, the old man had improved the opportunity thus afforded to

effect intercourse with the youth by signs, and had been enabled, by the

Divine blessing, to convey to him a knowledge of salvation through a

crucified Redeemer. There appeared every reason to believe that the

poor fellow possessed an enlightened understanding and a renewed mind,

and he was allowed to participate in the desired privilege.

Shortly after this the old man died, and when the youth was made

sensible of the event, his countenance brightened with joy; he waved his

hand and pointed up to the sky to intimate that he was gone into heaven.

After a time the mute followed his kind friend and instructor. When he

felt himself dying, he first put his fingers in his ears and took them

out again, to show that his ears would be unstopped; he then put out his

tongue and pointed to heaven, to show that that would be unloosed.

These facts were communicated to a friend by the matron of the

Infirmary--herself an eminent christian, who has since died, and who did

not doubt that the youth had obtained a correct and experimental

knowledge of the gospel of salvation.