Fatal Accident To A Deaf And Dumb Bride On The Day Of Marriage

The following is taken from the Manchester Mercury and Harrop's General

Advertiser, June 10, 1800:--"On the 12th ult., in the Island of

Anglesea, Mr. Henry Ceclar, a gentleman well known for his pedestrian

feats, to Miss Lucy Pencoch (the rich heiress of the late Mr. John

Hughes, Bawgyddanhall), a lady of much beauty, but entirely deaf and

dumb. This circumstance drew together an amazing concourse of people to

witness the ceremony, which, on the bride's part, was literally

performed by proxy. A splendid entertainment was given on the occasion

by the bridegroom; but a dreadful catastrophe closed the scene, for the

bride, in coming down stairs, made a false step, and fell with so much

violence against a chair that she immediately expired."